How Do I Write A Good Blog?

how do i write a blog

If you are new to blogging then the whole concept of writing a blog can be unnerving. Having a blog on your website is really good for SEO because you are adding original content to your site -it’s called content marketing. Google likes new content and it also means that if you write interesting things you may earn a link from another website. And links are very important for helping your website rank.

But how do you blog? As a small business owner you will have extensive experience and knowledge of your area. So write about that. Write naturally and authoritatively on something that you know really well. Let’s take, for example, car valeting as a service. Here are some blog articles you could write about:

1. Best way to clean a car – what products to use and what not to do.

2. Something funny which happened to you whilst doing your job.  People like stories.

3. People like to hear about tips so write your top tips for doing something e.g. Top tips For Keeping Your Car Shiny.

After a while it becomes easier to think of ideas. Browse other websites and look at their blogs to see what kind of things people blog about in your field.

Writing a blog should be part of your overall strategy to keep your website fresh and current. It is important not to leave a long time between each blog post as if you do it looks like your website is not current. I would suggest at least every week to 10 days but if you can do more then even better.

Running a small business is hard work and you may think that blogging comes right down at the bottom of the list for have-to-do-chores. But make it one of your priorities and you may be surprised at where you end up in Google.

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