SEO Case Study: Machine Polishing - Central Scotland has Exceptional Growth Metrics With An SEO Campaign



Machine Polishing – Central Scotland is a Livingston-based company that specialises in professional car detailing services. Founded in November 2020, the company provide a range of basic polishing and ceramic coating packages at competitive prices, as well as the option for same-day service.

Business Challenge

After feeling like they had expanded the business as much as they could without any external help, Machine Polishing reached out to us at Alba SEO Services in order to take their digital presence to the next level. The aim was to boost the visibility of their website in order to increase the number of users that were reaching the site organically. Prior to this, they had used Facebook advertising to promote their business.

Machine Polishing also wanted to have a website that was visually and functionally better than any of their competitors and one that represented a business that was competent and professional. At the time, they felt their website appeared a little messy and unfocused and that it was clear to see it had not been designed by a professional.


Alba SEO Services performed a holistic SEO site audit to identify the key areas in which Machine Polishing’s digital presence could be improved. This involved analysing the content and meta-data for each existing page, the structure of the site as a whole and also off-page elements including their backlink profile, Google My Business page and social media presence.

From this audit, it was clear to see which areas of the website needed the most attention. There were no inbound links to the website, the content on each page was too short with very few internal links and a lot of meta-data needed to be added and optimised. Most importantly, there were only 3 existing pages (including ‘FAQs’ & ‘Reviews’) which made optimisation very difficult. A number of new pages were required to be created, along with new content and meta-data for each page.

Naturally, the homepage was the most important page to get right. After some keyword research, a common keyword theme was developed for the page. This allowed for consistency across the page’s meta-tags and content and acted as a guide for the new content that needed to be added. A lack of consistency with keywords would send mixed signals and make it difficult for the search engines to understand what the page is about.

The following new pages were created: ‘Car Detailing Services’, ‘Ceramic Coating’, ‘Machine Polishing’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Privacy’. As with the homepage, a unique keyword theme was developed for the two service pages (Ceramic Coating & Machine Polishing) as well as the Services landing page. This allowed for a unique optimisation of each page, rather than having multiple pages competing to rank for the same keywords. The addition of these new pages also allowed for more opportunities to include internal linking across the website, most importantly linking from the homepage to the newly created service pages and ensuring there were no orphan pages (pages with no links pointing to it).

Following this work, it was vital to start signalling to the search engines that there was relevant, valuable content to be found on the website. To do this required building a number of high-quality backlinks from a range of high authority websites, such as directories and social networking sites. Maintaining active social media profiles and a Google My Business page with regular updates also sent positive signals, showing that the business is legitimate and active.

After a few months of consistent growth in keyword rankings and organic traffic, the decision was made to have a new website created by a professional web developer. Maintaining the same content, meta-data and site architecture that had previously been created, the developer transformed the website, resulting in a much slicker and more professional design. Not only would this impress users visually, but the clear improvements to user experience would also be considered favourably by the search engines and have a positive on the website’s ability to rank in the search results.


The combination of implementing the recommendations from our initial site audit, our monthly SEO campaign and the creation of the new website allowed for exceptional growth across a number of metrics, including organic traffic, keyword rankings and search visibility.

Data from Google Analytics shows us that the total organic traffic for the month of September 2021 was 31% higher than it was for April 2021. This is a significant rise in the space of just 5 months.

Further data (see below) highlights the improvements we’ve seen with the keywords that are being tracked. Visibility, defined as the ‘percentage of all clicks for the tracked keywords that land on your website’, has seen an increase of 9.42%. The average ranking position of the 35 tracked keywords has risen by 4.42 places, and the number of keywords ranking in the top 3 results has risen from 7 to 19.

Google Analytics Machine Polishing Data SEO CASE STUDY

Google Analytics Machine Polishing Data

“Excellent service, fast responses, honest recommendations and answers. In a very competitive and saturated industry, Alba SEO Services have increased my visibility and been an important part in making my online presence more professional and easy for customers to interact”

Ross Arthur

Founder and owner of Machine Polishing - Central Scotland

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