Pay Per Click (PPC) Management and Optimisation in Edinburgh

Pay Per Click – widely known as PPC – is a great way to get a quick return on your investment. Paid search marketing puts your website in front of your customers. Unlike SEO, you will only pay when someone clicks your advert – hence the name.

PPC levels the playing field amongst small and large businesses. Everyone has the chance to get in front of the same cohort of customers. PPC is a good way of kickstarting your digital marketing whilst waiting on SEO to work. New businesses benefit from paid search because a new website will take longer to be come authorative and rank well with SEO. Established businesses often use it to complement their page one presence on Google by dominating both the organic listings and the Ads. It can work for every business.

Benefits of paid search marketing:

  • It is very measurable so you can see exactly which adverts are working
  • It is targeted so that the adverts are focused on the right people
  • It is reliable – with the right budget you can always be in front of your customers
  • It is flexible – how much you invest each month is dependent on your budget

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising may be the right advertising strategy for your business. But we would be able to advise through thorough analysis and competitor research whether this is the case. Facebook adverts are low cost and managed correctly can reap immense rewards. With remarketing, the adverts can target the right customers – those with already an intent to buy your service or product. How cool is that?

Google AdWords

Google AdWords are very powerful at getting your business in front of the right people. They allow precision targeting of your product or service. They put your business on page one of Google removing the need to wait for SEO to kick in. With the right management of your account, they can bring a good return on your investment. They do need a large budget but it is dependent on how competitive a market you operate in.

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