​Need a website that is beautiful and is also ready for Google?

A website is a window onto your business. Today, most businesses require one. Our website developers are based in Edinburgh and Glasgow and we offer website design solutions throughout the UK too.

Web Design Edinburgh

Because, we are a local web design agency we are able to meet with you to discuss your requirements. We take note of your preferences in layout, colours, pictures and content and build it into the professional system we use. We would mostly always recommend WordPress as a content management system. This is because it is very search engine friendly. We care a lot about that.

We build high quality websites, including essential search engine optimisation, at a very competitive rate.  We promise not to churn out a generic website like other companies.

What makes us different from other web designers in Edinburgh?

It’s because we care about making your website SEO friendly. We are SEO specialists as you may have gathered from our name. We will not let a website leave us until it is looking beautiful and fully optimised. Other web designers create lovely websites, but they are usually full of issues that make them really unfriendly to Google.  We have seen a lot in our time. Where we are different is that we do the keyword research, the copy writing,  add in the right tags and much more. It is a team effort to get it right. Not down to one person with one set of skills.

We have other digital marketing services which you might be interested in or just give us a call today on 07867 951266 to have a chat about our web design service.

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