Are You Ready for Google’s Mobile Ranking Update?

Google announced last month that it will release a “significant” update to its algorithm on April 21st 2015 which specifically targets mobile search.  This update will be worldwide and will give a boost to those sites which are “mobile-friendly”. Those sites which are not will be pushed down the rankings by those sites which are.

How do you know If your website is mobile-friendly?

For a number of months now, mobile search results pages have displayed a tag showing whether a website is mobile friendly or not.  I don’t think this is fool proof as our website is not labelled as such,  yet it is. A better test is to use the tool which Google suggests to test whether your website is indeed mobile-friendly. Using this tool you can see instantly which pages of your website are good.


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Google has also been sending out emails to webmasters about mobile issues it considers important enough to be fixed.  So there is plenty of information out there for you to check.

This algorithm is on a page by page basis. So if only some of your website pages are mobile-friendly they will get a boost. Those pages which aren’t won’t get the boost.

Is my website doomed?

If your website is not mobile-friendly- and you have no hope of it being so by April 21st 2015 – you might be forgiven for being a bit worried. It is true that those sites which are ready will benefit. However,  if your website is very relevant, unique, has a low number of people bouncing off it, then you will still be able to rank. Websites which are poor quality but mobile-friendly won’t suddenly jump above you from page 10.

How to make your website mobile-friendly

The way forward is to take steps to make your website mobile-friendly.  If your website is a bit dated, could do with an overhaul, then this may be the perfect time for you to consider getting a new website built.  Many websites today are being built using a responsive design. This means that your website does not have a separate mobile version, but that the code is able to support being displayed optimally on all devices.

Some companies have a mobile version of their desktop website. In this case, the website code is adapted to provide a mobile-friendly version which provides a good user experience on devices.  Google doesn’t mind whether your website is a responsive design (although it prefers that) or a mobile version – as long as it is mobile-friendly.

There are other options that could be implemented.  For example this site can create a mobile version of your desktop with minimal coding required. However, in these solutions, the SEO of the site needs to be analysed to ensure that you are not creating duplication problems. A SEO specialist will be able to help you with this.

The mobile update to Google’s algorithm is just one of many ranking signals. Creating a SEO friendly content rich website is the first step to helping your business gain new leads through the internet. Don’t miss out on all the new business you could have by having a website which will rank high in the search engines.


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