Why Can’t I Find My Website in Google?

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If you can’t find your website in Google it could be for a number of reasons. Don’t worry, most of these things can be fixed and you will soon see your website in the search results.

1. Hey, we don’t know you!

Usually it is because your website is brand new and Google doesn’t yet know about it. Google “crawls” the web looking for new content and it will soon come across yours but it may take time. You can tell Google and Bing (the other major search engine) that you have a new website by using their webmaster tools. You need to have a Google account or a Microsoft account to do this.

If you don’t have a Google account and you are a new business you should get yourself one immediately. Sign up for a Gmail account then use this email address to sign into webmaster tools:


Similarly with Bing. Sign up to get a Microsoft account then log into the webmaster tools using this account:


Then you just add your website domain to the tools. “Add a Site”.

It will ask you to verify your website. This is to make sure that you are the owner and have access to modifying the website. Verifying is simply adding a small code to the website. It seems complicated but it isn’t.

Once you’ve added the code, you click the Verify Now button and that should be it.

Google and Bing will now know about your website. It is a good idea to tell them about how your website is structured by submitting a sitemap. A sitemap will enable the search engines to find all your website pages. Your sitemap usually is found here:

www.example.com/sitemap. xml

If you don’t have a sitemap, there are tools to help create one. You may need some help with this.

You submit a sitemap using the webmaster tools by clicking on the “sitemaps” link.


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​2. I don’t understand what you’re website is about!

Another reason that your website isn’t being found in Google and Bing is because it is lacking any information to tell the search engines what it is about. There are signals which the search engines use to find out what you website is about. These signals are usually found in the titles, the actual text or content, images and also in certain areas which is called the Meta data.

If the search engines don’t know what your website is about, they won’t include it in the search results returned in response to a query.

For example, “plumbers Edinburgh”. If this is being searched and your website does not include these keywords anywhere, the search engines – Google and Bing – won’t believe that your website is relevant to the query being asked.  So your website won’t be returned anywhere near the top of the search result. Not good if you are a plumber in Edinburgh wanting more work.


3. Too bad. You have a penalty!

A final reason I will give for why you can’t find your website in Google or Bing is because you have been given a penalty by the search engines.  A penalty can be given because you have violated the rules and guidelines of the search engines.

Having a penalty from Google will mean that your website is demoted big time. I have already discussed  penalties in another post so you can read more about them there. You can recover from a penalty but it is hard work to do so.


All these issues can be dealt with. You can try to do so yourself or get some SEO expertise to help you remove the penalty. We’d be happy to take a look.

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