Does Social Media Affect SEO?

Does social media affect SEO?


In this digital age, social media is now an integral part of most people’s lives. Most businesses now know the importance of being active on various social media platforms, however, some may think of social media as an independent entity rather than something that impacts the rest of their digital marketing efforts.

Social Media is a great place to promote and grow your business and it provides many great benefits on its own, but it also aids other areas of your digital marketing efforts – including SEO. How? We reveal all, just keep reading.

Brings More Traffic to Your Website

By staying active on social media, engaging with your followers, and posting content your audience wants to see, you can bring A LOT more traffic to your website. After all, social media is all about being social, right?

With the sheer amount of people on social media today, you can 100% guarantee your target audience is on there. These are people who may not have found out about your business through search results alone but can benefit from your products or services.

If you’re only just getting started with SEO, social media also help attract visitors sooner than search engines! Be sure to include social media in your SEO strategy.


Boosts Your Content Performance

Social media platforms are great places to share any type of content your business produces and give you access to a much wider audience than you’d have on your website alone.

If you haven’t been using social media to share your content yet, then you’re missing out! Once you’ve created fantastic content, whether that be a case study, a blog, a new product/service page, you NEED to share it. It’s such a waste if not.


There are More Opportunities to Gain Backlinks

If you know anything about SEO, you’ll know how important backlinks are. Backlinks show search engines, like Google or Bing, that other people find the content on your website valuable. If content does have backlinks and is beneficial, it can get ranked higher on search engines. Sounds great right?

Tying this in with the content you’ve shared, if the content is interesting enough and is shared around, then people are more likely to read it and this increases your chances of someone linking to it. If you didn’t know already, Google LOVES these types of links.

Content is easily spread on social media. All it takes is ONE person to link back to you for even more people to see it. Social media is a great place to get this started.


Can Rank for Search Terms

Have you ever thought, when people search for your company using branded search terms, your social media profiles have a chance of ranking along with your website too?

When people search for your business, they’re already interested in what you have to offer. Whilst the majority of people will want to visit your website, there are also a lot of people who may want to see what you have to offer on social media.

Your social media profiles can give a different view of your business than your website alone, and provide additional information for those who want it.


SEO and social media work super well together. They both have their own benefits, but they’re even more effective when they support one another, especially in the early days after a website has launched. In this SEO agency, we have found a positive benefit to ur clients’ SEO campaigns if social media is also being utilised.

So what are you waiting for? Go and open or start using your social media accounts today!




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