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Updated for 2021

After spending good money and time on building a website for your business, it would be daft not to get it working for you. If it has taken up residence on page 5 of Google then it definitely won’t be doing anything for you. To get more visitors landing on your website there are a number of things you could be doing. Here are some ways to get your visitor traffic on the rise.

1)      Consider optimising your website. This is known as  SEO – search engine optimisation. This is primarily how you will get your website to increase its ranking in Google and Bing. There are a number of things you can do to your website to help it become more relevant to the queries that are being searched. We have discussed one of the aspects in an earlier post – keywords. Keyword research is important. Finding out what your customers search in Google will enable you to add these words into your content and titles. Doing so will mean that your page will become more relevant.

There are loads more you can do:

·         Ensure your content is well written with no good grammar and no spelling mistakes.

·         Keep the sentences short and punchy. Add bullet points and headings.

·         Keep the content fresh.  Update your blog. There is nothing worse than a blog which is no longer being updated.

·         Ensure that your website has a proper structure and easy navigation for visitors.

·         Ensure your images are resized and load fast on the website.

·         Make sure your website renders well in mobiles and tablets as these devices are being used more than ever now to view the web.

If you optimise your website then you will begin to see it rise through the rankings and with that will come extra traffic. If this all seems too complicated then consider hiring an SEO consultant to help. The investment is worth it.

2)      The next thing I would recommend to do is get massively involved in social media. Use the  social media channels to attract visitors to your website through promotions, giveaways and good content. Make them want to visit your website. Include the link to your website in your posts so that people can click through easily.

3)      Add your business to local directories. The bigger ones do get people browsing for services and they will click through to your website if you provide a website link.

4)      Join some forums where people are asking questions relating to your product or service. Registering yourself on forums is easy and they often allow you to add a website link. Providing good answers will build you up as an expert and people may decide to click through to your website.

5)      Use Google or Bing AdWords. This is last because it will generate you traffic but it won’t be free. It costs you each time someone clicks on your ad.  It you don’t have a big budget this may not be right for you. You can set this up yourself, but most people get someone else to do it for them.

And a bonus one for 2021

6) Think about brand recognition. You want your brand to be recognisable so that people will actually search for it on Google and find you directly and so avoiding the competition. You can do a lot about brand recognition by making sure you have a professional logo and are using it everywhere. From email signatures to proposals for work. Google only wants to have legitimate businesses in the search results and you have to show it that you are credible and legitimate.

Once the visitors start landing on your website you have a chance to convert them into customers. This step is by no means certain. A lot of visitors will just click back to where they came from. Usually because the website doesn’t look good/trustworthy or it doesn’t answer their query. We will cover this aspect in a later post.

I hope this helps all those small businesses struggling with visitor numbers. AND if you want to leave all this to someone else  why not give me a call  and we can chat through the options available.

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