Best Free Places to Advertise Your Small Business

best free places to online advertise

As a new business one of the biggest challenges is actually getting people to know about you. You may have the best idea or the greatest service to offer, but unless you let people know about it then you may as well not bother. So as a new business on a tight budget, how do you go about this?

From my own personal experience, here are my top 5 recommendations for free advertising:

1. Add yourself to local business directories. Not only will they supply some customer traffic to your website, but they will also provide a link to your website which will help with your SEO efforts.

2. Get yourself on Google Places for Business. Easy to do and will help you get found on Google.

3. Add your services to places where your customers may be looking for your service e.g. Netmums, Mumsnet etc. These provide free advertising for local businesses online.

4. Social bookmarking sites like Pinterest are a great way of putting your products on view to the world and they also provide a link back to your website. Again great for SEO.

5. Word-of-mouth advertising. Engage your networks and ask your friends to help you find customers. You could join a local networking group. Some of these are free and for only the cost of a coffee you can access a whole new network of people who may want or know someone who needs your product or service.

Starting a business is hard work but to grow your business you need to spend time marketing it to the right people.

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