Do I Need an SEO Expert If I’m Just a Local Business?

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Small local businesses take time to become established, and money is often tight in those first 12 months of business. Where costs can be cut then they usually are. So it is a question that can be asked: should I spend money on SEO?

Search engine optimisation is a very important aspect of your online marketing campaign. And it is just as important for small local businesses as global corporates. If your website is not optimised and you do not undertake any aspects of search engine optimisation, then you will not rank locally on Google and Bing.

Therefore, do you need an SEO expert? If you do not have time but have money to spare then it makes sense to get someone in, even just to get a SEO strategy in place e.g. website optimised, backlinks and social media.

For those businesses which can’t afford one think about:

  1. Your website and how it is structured.
  2. Put yourself on Google My Business
  3. Add yourself to directories for small businesses
  4. Set up social media and get tweeting

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