Does Google Know You Are Open For Business?

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If you want to attract customers to your business you know you have to keep it clean, tidy and welcoming.  Potential customers need to be able to look in to decide if it is a place they want to enter.  You know if you own a shop that you need to make your window display as interesting as possible and change it regularly to encourage passers-by to come in and browse.

Do you treat your website with the same care and attention?

Here at Alba SEO Services, we regularly get phone calls and emails from people asking why Google is no longer showing their website on Google search results.  There can be many reasons for this which is why we always carry out a full SEO audit but one reason can be that Google or Bing thinks you may now be closed for business.

Why would a search engine think your business is closed?

You may have a beautiful website that states where you are located, when you are open and what services you offer but when did you last update it?  Is it possible that Google thinks your business is no longer operating as no changes have been made for years?

4 easy steps to ensure the search engines know you are open for business

1.       Google My Business
Make sure you have a Google My Business listing with up-to-date information about your business. On a regular basis, use the Post functionality to post information about your services or products.  Also, make an effort to get regular reviews.

2.       Bing Places

Similar to Google My Business, Bing offers Bing Places where you can advertise your business.  It doesn’t have a post function but it does pick up and display information and reviews from TripAdvisor, Yell, Yelp and Foursquare. Therefore, current reviews show that you are open for business.

3.       Social Media

Make use of social media.  You don’t have to use every type of social media; just the ones that are used by your potential clients.  Generally, Instagram attracts a younger audience and Facebook a slightly older group.  Display links to your social media accounts on your website and vice versa.  Then, as with Google My Business post about your business, your products and services. For instance, a local Edinburgh tour operator that offers Scotland Tours makes great use of social media.  Their  Facebook Page has a range of posts that people do interact with.  They post about new tours, discounts, special deals, and fun posts about Scotland and Highland Cows. There is no doubt that this company is thriving and open for business.

4.       Website

Your website needs regular updates in the same way you would clean your shop and change the window display.  For businesses that have an e-commerce site this is easy as hopefully, you will be selling new products on a regular basis.

However, what do you do if your opening hours never change and your services have been exactly the same for the past 10 years?  Your website is still factually correct but how do the search engines know that?  If they aren’t sure, then they will show another website to someone looking for your services.

The simplest way to add regular updates is to add a blog or a gallery showing recent work. It doesn’t have to be too time-consuming but it can make a massive difference to your internet presence. Another way is to add a Testimonials page as this family lawyer has done. This instills trust in your services.

An East Lothian window blinds company that sells made-to-measure blinds have very informative products pages but to keep their website fresh they have also added a helpful and informative blog. Their articles range from telling customers about who they are and what they do to ‘Why blackout blinds may be the best choice for your home’.

An Edinburgh security business that installs burglar alarms and CCTV systems also have a blog where they provide security tips and advice. Same with a health and wellbeing website that offers tips on keeping you healthy.

There is an IT support company in Edinburgh with a blog containing posts about popular IT services that can help businesses e.g. cloud services, VoIP phones, hosted file shares.

If you are a carpet cleaning company, builder, car detailing company, or electrician you could show before and after photos of work you have completed.

If this all sounds too daunting or time-consuming, then please give us a call for some advice.  For a very reasonable fee, we can spend a few hours a month making updates to your website.

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