Positive Thinking through Covid 19 and How SEO Can Help

Covid 19 and SEO

This is truly a dreadful time for businesses large and small. No one could have predicted that a previously unknown virus could cause such havoc with the world. The global economy is suffering and more locally, many small businesses in the UK are unable to function due to restrictions on travel and social distancing.  The reduction in income is forcing businesses to cut costs by laying staff off in order to survive the next few months. Whilst the government has promised help is on the way, it is clear that small businesses are tightening their belts and cutting expenditure where they can.  For businesses that had a marketing budget, this is now being scrutinised for potential savings. Google AdWords, social media advertising and SEO fall into this type of expenditure and it appears that many businesses have had to stop some of these marketing activities. Whilst there are merits in all the marketing channels, I’m going to focus on SEO and why stopping a campaign now may not be the right choice long term.

Should I stop SEO?

Of course I’m going to say No! But it’s not to save my own business – here are some reasons why you should continue with SEO:

  • Your competitors may still be using SEO services. This means that as time progresses, they may just get the edge on your ranking and will be in a stronger position when this situation ends (and it will). So all the hard work you’ve been doing so far gets diluted.
  • Google is continuing to modify its algorithms every day. This means that without an SEO expert monitoring the situation, your website may become less relevant through algorithmic changes.
  • People are stuck at home all day during social distancing – and no doubt spending a lot of time browsing the internet. They might be interested in new blinds or realise that they need to hire a decorator, or decide that they need a better boiler. They will be researching companies and if they can’t find you, you’ll be losing business to competitors.
  • Google and Bing let you know if there are any issues with your website through Search Console (webmaster tools). Without anyone monitoring these tools your website could be having problems and you wouldn’t know it.
  • Your competitors may be STOPPING all paid advertising. That means that if you are well placed organically you can capture the business that might normally go to paid adverts in Google.
  • If your business is Law including divorce, employment, personal law. Now, more than ever, people may need your services.
  • If you stop updating your website, Google My Business page and social media, people will lose confidence that you are still solvent and might shy away from using it.

We hope that things improve really soon, but until then, the team at Alba SEO Services are working extra hard on all our clients websites to really help them during this time.  Your success is our success!

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