Top 10 Reasons Why Tradesmen Need SEO

trades need SEO

Here in Edinburgh it can be quite an effort at times to find a good trades who will be able quote you for a household job. Many good quality tradesmen and women are really busy and are out doing job after job and they’ve no time to go out quoting for new work. And new business is usually through word of mouth. Enquiries through a website are not the primary source of business leads. As a result, many tradesmen question the need to use search engine optimisation (SEO) on their website. They argue that they are so busy and can hardly find time for lunch so why do they need to bother with their website?

This may be the case for some tradesmen but it is wise for everyone to think long term.  Furthermore, there are plenty of people who move into an area with no contacts for good tradesmen. These are people who would turn to the internet for help. By not using your web presence you are missing out on a lot of business.

​So here are some reasons why local SEO for tradesmen (and tradeswomen) is important.

SEO for Tradesmen

1.    Grow your business. Extra enquires through a website will allow long term planning of work and resources. This is preferable to hearing about a job through word of mouth.  It allows you to grow your business and to understand the busiest times of the year so you can plan accordingly.

2.    More money! You can charge more money when you are at the top of page 1 of Google! People are prepared to pay more for services which look professional and credible. Being on page 1 of Google helps with that.

3. Another source of business leads. If you rely on word-of-mouth for business, it only takes one or two bad jobs or customers to ruin your reputation and your steady flow of business could easily dry up.

4.  Expand into different localities. Your business can grow to wider areas as many people throughout the region can find you.

5. Reputation.  Having a website that ranks highly is an indication of respectability and credibility. It indicates to searchers that you have a well organised business with resources to market your business.  It also persuades searchers that your business must be of sufficient size as a result of others using your trade. You must be good.

6. Commercial work.  If you are hoping for commercial work, a highly ranking website in Google will indicate to commercial organisations that you have the resources to take on bigger jobs.

7. Less Stress. Outsourcing to a SEO company will mean that you have one less area to worry about.  Your website will be getting looked after by professionals.

8. Good return on investment.  The money involved in SEO may seem expensive initially but the return on investment could be huge in a few months and the cost will then be much less significant.

9.  Develop profitable areas of your business. By measuring the number and types of enquiries through your website, you can develop aspects of your business which prove to be in demand. And dropping services which are not cost effective.

10. Increased branding.  The branding on your website- logo, colours etc will be recognisable to customers. So even if they don’t know your name, when they see your van they will remember you and this builds trust and confidence in your brand.

​If you agree with any of these reasons then pick up the phone and call a good local SEO company. Like trades, some are better than others, so choose wisely.

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