5 Top Tips to Make Your Business Website Rank Higher in Google

how to rank higher in google

Is your website struggling to get noticed in Google? Do you have very few people visiting your website? If your website is not appearing until at least page 3 and you have never had anyone do any SEO to your website then it is most likely not optimised. The reason I put a caveat in about whether anyone has done any SEO before is that Google might be slapping a punishment onto your website. Google does this when spammy activities have been noticed. This is usually the result of a SEO company doing some black-hat practices to get websites to rank quickly.

What does optimisation actually mean? Well it means that your website is not sending out good clear signals about what it is. It may have poor navigation, broken links, poor grammar and a whole host of other things wrong. Your website may not be linking to anywhere else and is operating as an island.

Don’t worry. Here are 5 tips to help your  website rank higher:

1. Look at the titles you are using on your website. Do they contain words that people are actually searching for when they look for your product or service? For example, if someone was searching for a carpet fitter in Edinburgh and this was your business, a good title may be “Edinburgh Carpet Fitter”. This is sending a clear message about what your site is. A SEO consultant can find the best keywords for your business using tools and advise you where to use the keywords.

2. Try out the navigation. Get your friends and family to try out your website to see how easy it is to get around. Do they find broken links? Is the navigation easy? Can they get to the important pages quickly? All of these needs to be addressed as having a website which is easy to navigate will mean that it is easy for Google to as well.

3. Are you using social media? If not get the icons onto your website and share your content. The more people visiting your website and staying on it is an indication to Google that you have compelling information worth reading.

4. Does your website load quickly and is it optimised for mobile? A slow loading site will put visitors off and Google knows how long pages take to load and this can be a negative ranking factor. Make sure your images are resized for the web. Image size is usually one reason for slow page loading.

5. Do you have websites which link to yours? Links are still very important in Google. They vouch for a site. The best links are from respected authoritative sites as they carry more weight. Don’t try and add your website to loads of spammy directories as this will be seen as spammy to Google.


These are some things which you can do without too much knowledge of search engine optimisation. SEO consultants add value by going deeper into each of these aspects and more. If you need help then please get in touch with our team:enquiries@albaseoservices.co.uk.

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