5 Amazing Tools to Accelerate Your Social Media Presence

amazing social media tools

Using social media is now a must if you own and run a business. But how many of us make the mistake of broadcasting only our own content? Of course we should be telling everyone about our products and services, but it becomes pretty boring to others if that’s all we share. We discussed copywriting  in a previous post and how the art of successful website writing is to remember that it’s not all about you. It’s the same with social media.  Don’t just broadcast your wares. It’s all about being sociable.

But finding great content to share and be sociable is time consuming. You need to listen, learn and fine tune what you are sharing. Peppering great shareable content with what you have on your blog is an excellent way of engaging with your customers and driving traffic.

But where do you find great content to share? Here are some tools that I find really useful when I am managing social media campaigns.  My morning starts with a coffee and a sweep through what’s trending using the following great resources:


1. Google Alerts

Set these up and Google will send you emails whenever it finds content relating to your topic. You do have to prune it a bit as you end up with lots of stories and not all are relevant. But it does provide you with a wide array of articles around on the internet.


2. Buzzsumo.com

This is a really useful and practical tool which shows you the most shared content for the topic you’ve entered. You can filter by date and type which allows you to really drill down and find some excellent content to share.


3. Followerwonk

This tool allows you to find influencers on Twitter , where they are located, who they follow. This enables you to follow the right people and to build relationships with them.  This is part of the Moz suite of tools.


4. Buffer

Buffer is a great tool. There is a free version where you can connect one profile per social network. It includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ which is great. There are price plans to add more social media profiles. Again analytics are included. I like the fact that you can add your own visuals to the posts to make them a bit more personalised.  And it is adding more and more features every month.


5. Mashable

Whilst this isn’t a tool in the same way that the other entries are, I use Mashable to find really interesting and unique content. The content is very accessible and easily shared. It is catalogued in a really intuitive way so it makes looking for relevant stuff very easy.


Do you know of any other great tools that we should be using?

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