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Facebook is a great tool for attracting new customers to your business. As a business, Facebook can be particularly useful as it allows you to update your customers on current offers, opening times and products as well as providing your contact details, allowing customers to message you and visit your website. If you’re unsure where to start with your Facebook business page, just follow our simple, easy steps to setting up.

Setting up Facebook

The first step is to set up your business’s page. This is a fairly simple process and can be started by visiting the pages tab on your personal account. From here you can follow the instructions to create your page, including things like your business’s category, name, address and logo.

Invite everyone you know to like your page

Now that you are all set up, you want to start getting likes on your page. One of the easiest ways to do this is to invite all your friends and family to like it. Not everyone will, but it doesn’t hurt to try. You never know, perhaps a few people you know will be interested in what you do and they can help spread the word.

Decide on your brand’s theme

Choosing a theme is important to make sure you have a page that reflects the image you want to present. Sticking to the colours of your logo is a really easy way to ensure that your page is uniform and aesthetically pleasing. You can use an online tool to find out which colours are used in your logo, if you don’t already know, and build from here. It’s a good idea to choose the main colour or two as well as a few shades that are similar and maybe even one or two colours opposite on the colour wheel to give your page that pop! The colours you use will help to emphasise your brand’s message and personality.

Choose a header image

Once you know your colours, you can create a header photo either using these colours or by inserting a picture. Your header is a great opportunity to advertise things that are relevant to your company such as sales or promotions, new products or awards. You can also change your header every so often to update customers with some important announcements that you would like all page visitors to be aware of. Think of your header like a billboard.

Post great content

Now that your page is set up, you’ve chosen your theme and you’ve got a few likes, it’s time to start posting. The whole point of your Facebook is most likely that it is a free advertisement for your business and a way for you to interact with your customers. Using your brand’s theme, you can create fun visuals using sites like Canva or post pictures of your product. Whatever you decided to post, you want it to be interesting and of worth to your followers. If you create posts that others enjoy and find helpful, then you are likely to see your following and engagement grow. Make sure to reply to all comments on your posts and any messages in your inbox to keep your audience engaged.

Don’t forget about stories!

Posting content on your page is important, but stories can be a really great way to show a behind the scenes look into your business and let your personality shine through. If you have a business that creates a product, then it is very likely that your audience would be interested in seeing this process. Creating a step-by-step or a tutorial of how you create something, in particular, invites your followers into your business and will give them an insight into the love and care that goes into your products. Stories are also a brilliant way to interact with your followers by conducting Q&As or a get-to-know-me. They only last 24 hours, so have fun with them and grab your audience’s attention.

Think about creating an ad

Gaining new likes from people you know and current customers is great, but to grow your page you might want to think about investing in adverts. Growing your page organically can be difficult on Facebook, so ads are often the best way to get your content in front of a new audience. Although it will cost you in the short-term, the benefit of increasing your following will most likely lead to new business and will be worth the investment.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your account set up today and start attracting and interacting with new customers.

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