The Do’s and Don’ts to Excel as a Business on Instagram

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To be successful on Instagram, there are a few golden rules that you should follow. While Instagram thrives on creativity and unique content, these general guidelines will make sure that you are well on your way to having a successful and meaningful social media account.

DO engage with followers

One of the biggest musts on Instagram is engaging with your followers. Especially as a business, you want to use your Instagram to attract new clients and keep your current ones interested. It’s all good posting exciting content and creating a beautiful page, but without engagement, this following might be of little worth.

Likes and follows are the main type of engagement but tags, comments and messages can be even more beneficial. Starting a conversation with your audience is a great way to show your personality as a business and gain your follower’s trust. Try following, liking and commenting on the accounts and content you like and always make sure to reply to comments and messages from your followers.

DON’T post aimlessly

Alternatively, one of the biggest downfalls for many Instagram users is that they post content without a goal or aim. As a business, you need to know who your target audience is and what you are targeting. Think about who uses or needs your product and whether they use Instagram. Once you reach 100 followers, you can use Instagram insights to investigate your following, which will provide further insight into your audience and whether you are attracting the right people.

Making sure that you are also producing interesting, useful and relevant posts is really important as this will naturally grow your following as your content is of value to your followers. Producing meaningful content will also likely increase your engagement as your followers will respond to it.

DO schedule your posts

Make use of the Instagram insights, they’re there to help you! Spend a little time investigating when the majority of your followers are active online and schedule your posts accordingly. Why not try a scheduling app, like Buffer or Later, to make sure you stick to your schedule and to make posting easier. If you post at a time that is popular with your followers, you’re more likely to see increased engagement and have more of an opportunity to interact with your followers. So, pay attention to these times, make use of them and reap the rewards.

DON’T overdo it

While you want to post regularly, interact with others and try to get your account noticed, overdoing these things can also be detrimental to your account. If you stick to a schedule and don’t bombard your feed with posts then you will be fine. You can look at similar accounts to yourself to gauge how often they are posting and find a schedule that will keep your followers updated without taking over the homepage.

In the same way that we said you should engage with your followers and other accounts, you do not want to spam anyone. It’s good to like and comment on the posts you find interesting but being a serial liker can get you penalized by Instagram. The same goes for following, as a mass follow or unfollow can seem suspicious to Instagram. To be safe, use Instagram like the average human and your account won’t be flagged as a bot.

DO utilise your hashtags

There are up to 30 hashtags available for you to use on each post. While they may not look the prettiest, they are very useful and can help get your post noticed by new users. If you research your hashtags and use ones that are relevant to your target audience, you will be able to grab the attention of viewers searching for the particular thing you are offering. Also, you can attempt to hide your hashtags by spacing them well below your post’s description or planting them in the comments. Don’t be afraid to use as many as you feel are relevant! The more you use, the higher chance you have of someone spotting your post.

So, as you can see, there’s much more to Instagram than simply posting content. By trying all of the DO’s and avoiding all of the DON’Ts, you will hopefully be creating a valuable online platform that is good for both your business and customers.


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