5 Essentials You OUGHT to Know Before Launching a Website

5 things to know before launching a website

New business, new website! We’ve already considered the top 5 things with website design. Now let’s look at the essentials before you launch. Here are 5 essentials you should know about before launching your new website. These may make the difference to your business being successful or folding.

1. Get friends or family to “test drive” the website prior to launch.

​It may make perfect sense to you, but until you let people navigate through your website, you won’t know if there are any obvious issues. If people can’t click through your website easily they will leave. Make sure that your visitors are happy at the end of their journey through the website. If they are happy and can find everything they want, then so will Google. Google has to “crawl” through your website to index it, and if the navigation is wrong, it may not be able to crawl some pages. If it can’t crawl it won’t index your pages.

This is important, because if the pages aren’t indexed then Google can’t show them to anyone when they type in a query to the search engines.  So, key take away from this is ensuring your navigation is clear and simple.


2. Make sure that you have installed Google Analytics  and verified your website with Google. These are important for the following reasons:

  • Google Analytics- It allows you to see who is on your website and how they got there. This is important as it helps you with marketing. It also lets you know whether there are problems with your website. If visitors leave quickly from one page, or they never visit a particular page, it can provide information on the content and structure of certain pages. Do you need to alter them to make them more compelling?
  •  Google Webmaster Tools – They allow you to register your website with Google. They also enable you to submit information e.g. sitemaps to help Google understand your website. If there are any problems, these are also flagged. So getting that in place right at the beginning will ensure your website is ready to go officially.


3. Ensure that your website is written well and that there are no spelling and grammar mistakes. These look unprofessional. Don’t use big words when small simple words will do. Make your sentences short and punchy. Include lots of bullet points and lists. This makes it easy to scan and that’s what people do.

Consider keywords. What are people searching on to find your website? Do you mention these in your website? There is a whole science behind keyword research. But for those people who are just starting out, it is important to make your titles and headings and text relevant to the topic for each page.


4. Have you considered a blog?  Keeping your website fresh is important and writing a weekly or monthly blog can help with that. It’s part of your content marketing strategy. It keeps your website up-to-date and enables you to tell your customers things which perhaps don’t fit into the normal pages. For example, special offers, or what trade shows you have attended. Or show off your expertise in your particular area by writing a guide (like this!). Adding photographs and interesting infographics are good too to mix up the content.


5. Social media.  Don’t forget to have all your social media accounts set up and icons displayed on your website. All that content you are writing can be promoted via social media. This may attract people to visit your website. People often say – I don’t have anything to tweet or put on Facebook. But your website is full of interesting stuff to tell everyone about- testimonials, latest offers, guides, your website launch! Mix it up with interesting things found on others accounts and you will have plenty to say! Social media plays a very important part in telling the world you exist so don’t miss it out. Set up company pages for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ straightaway and add the icons to your website.


If you need any help with launching your website,  get in touch with us at Alba SEO Services. We provide a friendly and simple service to businesses who want more out of their website.

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