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How Do I Get My Website Found?

March 21, 2016 Published by ,

At Alba SEO Services we hear this question all the time. Other similar variations are ‘Why doesn’t my website show on Google?’... Read more

googles mobile ranking update alba seo

Are You Ready for Google’s Mobile Ranking Update?

March 29, 2015 Published by ,

Google announced last month that it will release a “significant” update to its algorithm on April 21st 2015 which specifically targets... Read more

digital marketing or traditional marketing

Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

February 25, 2015 Published by ,

Digital marketing versus traditional marketing – which one is best? It all depends on what you want to do? Are you... Read more

why can i not find my website on google

Why Can’t I Find My Website in Google?

January 1, 2015 Published by ,

If you can’t find your website in Google it could be for a number of reasons. Don’t worry, most of... Read more

how to optimise your website seo alba

How To Optimise Your Website

December 10, 2014 Published by ,

Having a website is really important as a small business. People want to find out as much information they can... Read more

panda and penguin google

Do You Know Your Penguins from Your Pandas?

November 16, 2014 Published by ,

There has been much chatter in the last month about the recent Google algorithm update Penguin 3.0. We waited a... Read more

5 Sure Ways of Increasing Visitors to Your Website

October 26, 2014 Published by ,

After spending good money and time on building a website for your business, it would be daft not to get... Read more

Twitter and the Small Business Owner

October 14, 2014 Published by ,

Why use Twitter as a small business owner? Twitter seems to evoke two reactions; I love using it or I... Read more

social media for small businesses

The Power of Social Media for Small Businesses

September 30, 2014 Published by ,

If you are starting out in business one of the easiest things to do to get your brand noticed is... Read more

what are keywords

What the Heck are Keywords?

September 13, 2014 Published by ,

Talk to most business owners who use a SEO company and they will know something of “keywords”. To those businesses not... Read more