How to Create Engaging Content for Your Blog Readers

how to create engaging blog content

Having a blog is great for a lot of reasons:

  • For keeping  your website fresh
  • For search engine optimisation
  • For adding content that your visitors want to know about


​This is called content marketing and it should be part of your SEO strategy.

But how do you create the kind of stuff that people want to hear? Well you need to understand what they are searching for and what they want to know the answer to. Keyword research can help you determine what kind of questions that they want answered.

“Long-tailed” keywords are what you really want to find out. These are usually long queries, not just 2 -3 words long.  For example, if you sold walking boots, you may want to capture people who type into the Google search box “What are the best walking boots for ……….. (Fill in the blanks).

If you had an online shop of walking boots, which had lots of images of walking boots and a little bit of description for each pair but little else, you might not appear to Google as the best website to answer this question.

But if you had a blog which had content which said: “How to choose the best walking boots” then you might be able to capture people via your blog and convert them into sales. Content which purports to help people is always popular. “How to” or “Top 5 reasons” etc. are always attractive headlines.

Finally, if it is engaging enough it will get shared via social media which will widen your customer base.  Not only that but writing engaging and authoritative content may make people return to hear more.

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