Are You Using Webmaster Tools?

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Are you using webmaster tools? If not why not. They provide loads of information about your website. They tell you:

  • How many pages Google/Bing knows about
  • Whether they think there are problems with your website
  • How many links your site has
  • Queries people are typing in

And a whole host of other important information.

To access these you need to open a Google account or a Microsoft account (for Bing). Then do a search for webmaster tools and sign in.

You need to verify your website which basically means inserting a piece of code that Google or Bing needs into your website. Once that’s done, the search engines will crawl your website and bring back lots of information on it.

Your dashboard will give you an overall view of how your website is doing.

It is good to check into this tool about once a week to find out if there are any issues. And if you create lots of new content there is even a facility to ask the search engines to crawl your website.

If you want to ensure your website is in tip top condition then don’t ignore the information available to you.

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