How Do I Get My Website Found?

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At Alba SEO Services we hear this question all the time. Other similar variations are ‘Why doesn’t my website show on Google?’ or ‘Why can’t I find my website on Google?’

Mainly it’s from businesses who have just spent a lot of money on a lovely new website.  Generally, the website will look fantastic and you can understand why the owner is extremely frustrated.  All too often they believe that once the website is created, they will get lots of visitors and in return lots of new customers.

So what is wrong?  At this stage it’s a bit like building a stunning new house without furnishing it, and then not telling anyone where it is or how to get to it.  Some website designers do everything for you but in most cases you will need a specialist in SEO (search engine optimisation) and digital marketing, who will make sure your website can be found by potential customers.  In other words you don’t get the architect or the brick layer to fit the bathroom in your new house.

Unless your website is the only one on the internet that sells a particular product or provides a specialist service that everyone wants, it takes time and effort to get to the first page of a Google search.  You may be the best electrician in the world but why would Google show your website instead of another one when they have thousands to choose from?  There are no set steps that will allow you to rank as No.1 on Google and if anyone tells you there are, then they are wrong.  Nobody, except a handful of senior Google staff know exactly how they rank websites and their algorithms do get updated and changed regularly.

Top 5 tips to getting found by Search Engines


1. Website Page Title

Does the HTML <title> tag for your home page say <title>Home</title>?

We know this tag is used by Google, Bing and Yahoo to help find the appropriate page for   a search so it must state clearly what the web page is about.  Therefore if you are an    electrician make sure it says something about what you do and where eg <title>Electrician  providing rewiring and electrical repairs in Glasgow</title>.  Then if somebody searches  for ‘electrician Glasgow’ they are more likely to find you.


2. Website Domain Name

Although not necessary, if you have an opportunity to pick a domain name that contains your main keywords it can help a lot initially.  If you have bought but only  sell lemons, then it would have been better to buy  However if your domain  name is your brand, don’t worry as your webpage title and content will contain your keywords and this will enable you to be found. Eventually people will search for your brand too.


3. Google Webmaster 

Tell Google you exist!  Don’t sit back and wait to be found.  Register your website on the Google Webmaster tools and submit your sitemap too.


4. Keywords

Keywords are the words that people key in search engines.  It is imperative that you know  or have a good idea what people will key when they want your product or service.  Once  you have this information you must include these words and terms in the page titles, meta descriptions and web page content.  For instance if your main page has a title of ‘Main’    and people are keying ‘emergency electrician’, even if Google does find your website due  to good content, it is unlikely you will be on the first page.


5. Social Media

Use social media to promote and sell your business.  You don’t have to be on every  channel but you should have a presence on a few where you are likely to find your potential customers.  There is good data available on the type of people that use each  channel e.g. the majority of Instagram users are 18-29 year olds.



The top 5 tips above are only the tip of the iceberg.  I’ve not even mentioned other areas such as:-

· Get good links from other websites
· How often you should post on social media
· Check that your website is mobile friendly
· Make sure your website loads quickly
· Writing a regular blog

It is possible to do most of your SEO and digital marketing yourself but to do it well is very time consuming and most business owners need all the time they have to concentrate on their actual business and customers.  The benefit of contracting a professional SEO company to carry out this work, is that you will move higher up the Google ranking and other search engine rankings much faster.  They will also have knowledge of the best places to get great links and which social media channels are best for your market.

If you think you need our help and advice then please get in touch for a chat about what you need.

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