How To Optimise Your Website

how to optimise your website seo

Having a website is really important as a small business. People want to find out as much information they can about a service or product before they buy. It is believed about 80% of people will browse on the internet before buying. Providing them with a website which broadcasts your information will certainly help make up their minds. People will get to your website:

1. Directly – they type in the URL which you may have provided or they have been given

2. By referral from another website

3. By a Google Adwords campaign (if you are running one)

4. By organically searching using a keyword or your brand

For people to find you using organic search, your website needs to be optimised – ensuring that it is getting ranked highly. Optimising your website is important to provide search engines with clues as to what your website is about and therefore display it when someone searches for a relevant keyword.

You optimise your website by adding keywords to your page titles, meta tags, images and website copy. However, over optimising is not recommended and this practise will not be looked on favourably by the search engines.  As you can gather, keyword research is very important. There is little point in a new small business trying to compete with big brands for the same popular keyword. Spend time finding out what your potential customers search on and assess the strength of the keywords and your competitors for this keyword. Ask friends and family what they would search on. Most of all write interesting, informative content – content marketing. Write it well and with authority and people will spend time on it. How engaged your visitors are with your website is a signal to Google and Bing and may help determine where your website ranks.

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