Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Beginners

seo for beginners

Do you understand search engine optimisation (SEO)? In basic terms, SEO is used to help websites rank higher up in Google and be found by searches. Our short animation may help explain.

Some people don’t understand SEO probably the same way that I don’t get tax returns and get stressed about filling them in.

SEO is essential if you want your website to have any hope of being found in Google. For those people who are confused about SEO, here is what an SEO specialist might do to your website to help.

1. Analyse your websites titles, URLS’s, and tags to see that they are being optimised in order to be found in Google. Google looks for clues in these things before it starts checking out your webpage, so giving Google hints about what your webpage is about is good.

2. SEO’s will look at your navigation menu to see that everything is optimised and your pages are not too far from the home page.

3. SEO’s will look at the links coming into your site from other websites and analyse them and your competitors website. Links are very important in helping you rank higher in Google.

These are just a brief overview of what an SEO specialist will look for. If you really don’t understand search engine optimisation, it will be hard to choose a specialist and know what they are going to do and how much time they will spend doing it.  This is the same in every industry. I don’t know anything about cars but have to find a garage to fix my car when it is broken.  It is always good to have a little knowledge of SEO so that you are not completely blind when finding the right company to do the work.

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