Weebly, Wix or WordPress – What’s Best for SEO?

weebly wix or wordpress- what's best for seo


Having had experience of managing the SEO for all three content management systems I wanted to share what they offer in terms of SEO and their ability to rank in the search engines. Comparing Weebly, Wix or WordPress, what’s the best one for SEO?


I personally really like Weebly as a content management system. It is very easy to use, has a great range of themes, and best of all has a very good interface to provide good SEO to a website. It has fields for Meta Data on each page which is important for SEO. And within the last year has extended this to blog posts so that each post can now have a unique Meta Title and description. This means that blog posts, with well written Meta descriptions, can provide great click through rates too.

Weebly also allows 301 redirects which mean that you can manage your websites pages much more efficiently and not lose any link juice when transferring your website to Weebly or indeed with internal links.

Their URLS are very friendly and clean and provide the user with good information about what they will find on the page even before clicking from the search page.

I have  created many websites for local businesses using Weebly and they all rank well on the first page of the search engines.  If I create a website with  strong SEO  and then ensure that the website has good citations, reviews and industry links I’m pretty confident about them ranking on the first page.

All in all Weebly is a good choice for small businesses and is very user friendly. It gets a thumbs up from me for being SEO friendly.


Wix is another good content management system for small businesses. It has very stylish themes and the ability to create high end looking websites with only a few clicks. For beginners, in my opinion, it is a little bit easier to use than Weebly.
In terms of SEO, I think that the URLS could be a more search and user friendly. They are not clean looking. Wix also has some idiosyncrasies.  Wix uses AJAX Crawling which allows sites to serve dynamic content to the end users. At the same time it provides search engines the same content but in a special version of the page. Historically AJAX has been difficult for search engines to process, however, Wix has implemented a system which allows Google to crawl and index the website. Wix also has had a history of not being able to support Google applications such as Google Tag Manager. Many webmasters tried tirelessly to find a solution to implementing tools like Google Tag Manager to their Wix websites.

There is a blog function in Wix; however, at this moment I don’t believe it is possible to add unique Meta data to individual posts. This means that each post will have the same Meta title and description which isn’t great for click through rates. It will also cause issues in Google webmaster tools as Google thinks each piece of content has the same title and Meta description.

So, whilst Wix creates nice looking websites and is very user friendly, lack of some functionality on the blog features means that it might not be a great choice if you are going to be doing a lot of blogging.


WordPress accounts for  1 in every 6 websites on the internet. With that huge following, something must be right. WordPress is not as user friendly as Weebly and Wix. You do need some background in web design, in my opinion, to create a really high end website. However, this complexity means you can create really bespoke websites with great functionality. Once you understand how to update pages and posts as a user it is quite straightforward to manage the website. However, optimising the website is a little more complicated. SEO plugins like Yoast help make it is as easy as it could be. That being said, there are areas to tweak to ensure that you are squeezing the most out of your WordPress site in terms of SEO.

In terms of ranking ability, then, in my opinion, it is king.  Traditionally a blogging platform, the blog functionality is superior to Weebly and Wix in many ways. And that is why I  moved my Weebly site to WordPress in 2017.

So whilst WordPress is probably the best for SEO in my opinion compared to Weebly and Wix, it is less user friendly for a novice to use. Updates have to be managed and for a novice this usually means ensuring that you have some sort of contract with your hosting company to make sure that essential updates are implemented. In Weebly and Wix, you are a step away from managing security updates and fixes as everything is done behind the scenes with no input from the website owner. So much simpler overall.

So for pretty decent SEO, low cost hands-off hosting, and the ability to completely manage the website without too much understanding of web programming, I would opt for a Weebly website.   Get in touch if you are looking for affordable web design.


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