How to Gather Followers on Twitter

how to gather followers on Twitter

If you are new to Twitter then you may not have that many followers yet. As a small business owner, it is important to build up an audience of potential customers either locally or nationally. Having followers on Twitter will ensure that your brand is growing. It also means that your customer base may be growing. But how do you get any more followers?

Here are some tips:

1. Find local businesses which have lots of followers and follow them. They may follow you back and in doing so, their followers may get to know about you through retweets (if you tweet something interesting that is). Use the #. For example #Edinburgh will come up with a list of people who are interested in Edinburgh.

2. Use one of the companies on Twitter which help with acquiring followers e.g.  You can acquire a large number of followers by engaging in this way.

3. Use your networks to acquire more followers. Most people will follow you back. What you really want is to have people retweet your tweets to their followers so the more you have the better.

4. Tweet regularly. No one wants to follow someone who doesn’t say anything and is not being social!


Last thing is not to be too automated and just post the same old things at predetermined times. Find interesting tweets that you want to retweet, respond to others and be social.

And if you can’t find the time then we can tweet for you. Get in touch.

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