Twitter and the Small Business Owner

twitter and small business owner

Why use Twitter as a small business owner?

Twitter seems to evoke two reactions; I love using it or I don’t know how to use it and anyway, what have I got to say? Many small business users are using Twitter, but many more are not simply because they feel that have no time to tweet after a hard day’s work, and they also don’t know what to say.

Twitter gives you the chance to tell the world (literally) about what you do or offer as a business – and it’s free! It allows you to:

·         engage with your customers on a real time basis

·         share offers

·         tell them about any disruption in service

·         provide them with recent testimonials

·         tell them a bit about your company

·         build trust

As far as I can see there are no negatives at all associated with using this medium as a small business owner. The commitment you make in time and effort will pay off. But let’s address the situation that you don’t have anything to say. What you don’t want to do is continually broadcast what you sell or offer. It should be a mix and it should be interesting. If you were to walk down a street and someone came out of a shop and continually shouted offers you would get pretty annoyed – and bored.

So tweet about funny things that have happened, add images to get more engagement, ask questions to try and get responses. You could set up Google alerts to find interesting things on a particular topic and have these emailed to you. Then tweet the best and most interesting. You can also retweet interesting tweets from other people – but don’t do this continually. Automated tweeting is also rather dull, and can be obvious.

Follow people who are interesting and authoritative on a subject and you will get ideas from them. Twitter is very easy to use and one of the easiest to set up. Once you are in the habit it becomes second nature. And if you feel that you don’t want to get involved hire someone else to Tweet for you!

Good luck and enjoy! You can even Tweet this post if you like!


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