Unlock Your Businesses True Potential

unlock your businesses true potential

Many small businesses are sitting on potential goldmines but don’t know it. A brave statement, but for some it may be true. The problem is that not enough people know about them yet.

There are some great local businesses which do a very professional and friendly service but because they don’t use social media in any shape or form, are missing out on broadcasting what they do to thousands of potential customers.

I get quite frustrated as many a time I am looking for a local service and will look for reviews to see how they perform. But I would be more likely to use a firm which I got to know about via my Twitter feed, who seemed genuine, honest and willing to talk to their customers. These types of businesses understand the power of using social media and know that bad customer service is also awarded plenty of coverage via Twitter and social media. So they will tend to be ones which respond well to their customers and listen to feedback.

The problem is that many businesses are just too busy to come home from a hard day’s work and log onto social media. How can you solve this problem?

1. Hire someone to do it. Sounds a bit over the top you may say, but there are plenty of companies which you can find which will happily tweet for you all day – even when you go on holiday. This is obviously an expensive option.

2. Set yourself a target of 1 month to “do” social media and see what the response is. You may not get immediate leads but you will be laying the foundations. After this month scale down if you must but keep active. I won’t follow someone who hasn’t tweeted in the last 2 weeks or so.

3. Focus only on one medium. I think Twitter is easiest, and it is my preferred choice. Use your phone to tweet when you are at work. 140 characters isn’t a lot of effort.

Using social media will enable you to discover whether there are customers out there just waiting for a gentle push in your direction.

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