How Much Should A Website Cost?

how much should a website cost

If you are a new business, you are probably thinking of getting a website. Start-up costs should include getting a website designed because the majority of people who are your potential customers will search and research online. Without a website you are missing potential customers.

So how much should you invest?

If you look at Gumtree you will see a huge number of website designers available. Prices can start at £50 -£100 for 1 – 2 pages!

This is incredibly cheap and is quite attractive if you are on a tight budget. These kinds of prices might suit a person who just needs a presence on the web. You could, of course, design your own for free. There are plenty of free packages but of course these packages will require you to invest time learning how to use them. Some people don’t have the time or the inclination.

Website design can range from Gumtree prices right up to thousands of pounds. If you are trying to get people to buy something and use their credit card on your site, you will need to invest in the website to make it look credible and trustworthy. So expect to pay a lot more.

For people who have no need for eCommerce on their website, then a good website incorporating search engine optimisation principles will cost several hundred pounds.

Above all it is important that your website provides your customers with trust in your brand. Take a look at your competitor’s websites and you will get an idea of what kind of website you should be building. This should indicate how much you need to invest.

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