Got a Website? Don’t Sit Back and Relax!

got a website then dont just relax

If you have recently got a website designed for your new business you are probably feeling pretty good that you have ticked this off your list of to-do. But one thing you shouldn’t do is to forget about it and move onto your next task.  A website needs care and attention if you want to have it work for you.

Many new small businesses have budget constraints and so ensuring that your website is optimised and being updated usually falls to the business owner. Here is a list of things that you should be doing regularly on your new website:


1. Keep it regularly updated. You can do this using a blog or a “news” page.  Update your customers on what is happening to your business or any special offers that you are promoting. Or add new testimonials. Not only are you adding content but you are also promoting your good name!

2. Try and get it listed in local directories. Not only will you get a link back to your page but you may also drive traffic to it from these sites. Some of these sites e.g. Yell have a huge presence on the search results pages and will usually beat local websites to top spots. So getting listed in them is a must.

3. Add it to Google webmaster tools. In this way you can verify it with Google and also check out how Google sees your website. Google may suggest improvements through its tools or let you know about errors which need attention. Ensuring that your website is “healthy” will help it rank better.

4. Using analytics on your website will help you spot pages where people either leave or do not stay long. You can then adjust the web page – add content or restructure it – to see if this will make visitors stay and move through your website.


These are just a few things which can help keep your website in tip-top condition.

Want to go further and get your website ranking?  Contact us for a chat about SEO   for small businesses.

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