Does My Website Need a Blog?

does my website need a blog

When building websites for clients I often ask them – do you require a blog? Usually the answer is “I don’t know”.

Why would you want a blog for your business? Well there are a number of reasons which make good business sense.

1. For search engine optimisation purposes, a blog makes sense because it allows you to add fresh content to your website. This is important because it is means that your website content may answer someone’s query and Google may therefore display it in the search results. This means more traffic from what’s called “long-tailed” queries. These are queries which are not based on obvious short and popular keywords e.g. “seo services“.

Fresh content also means that Google can “see” that your site is current and not stale and is more likely to re-crawl in shorter intervals.  All this is known in the industry as “content marketing“.

2. A blog is also good to let your clients see that your website is fresh. If your website visitors can see up-to-date information then they are more likely to trust what the content says.

3. A blog is also important to engage with your customers. It allows them to follow updates, new releases and price changes. It can allow them to participate in your website through commenting. And of course their comments also add new content to your website.

So, all in all, having a blog or “news” page for your business can help with your SEO strategy as well as making business sense.

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