What Makes A Good Web Design?

what makes a good website

What makes a good website? With so many good content management systems (CMS) around, creating a website has never been easier. But it is not just a matter of designing a website to look pretty. A website should be able to put your business on a firm footing in Google and Bing search engines.

Cheap packages may well forget about designing a website with search engine optimisation in mind (SEO). SEO should be an integral part of your design.

Here are some questions you could ask your web developer about how they have incorporated SEO.

1. Do all the pages have H1 tags and meta descriptions? H1 tags are ‘labels’ that tell the search engines what the page is going to be about. Meta descriptions are a description of the page and are what is displayed underneath the URL when you search for a specific search term.

2. Are the links on each page allowing link juice to flow? Most back links you attain will link to the Home page. You want to be able to use the power of these backlinks to penetrate to deeper pages of your website.  A good site architecture will enable this to happen.

3. Are all images and text optimised for my keywords? For this to happen, your developer will have to spend some time researching your business and what keywords are most relevant. After this, they need to help you sprinkle them through your content to ensure that your page is optimised. Alt tags need to be used on all your images too – preferably with keywords. Alt tags are tags which will be rendered if the image cannot. It is an alternative to the image.

4. Will Google and Bing webmaster tools be set up? This allows you to monitor your website and resubmit your website after any big changes.

There are many aspects to a good web design- firstly that it should be user friendly and not set up specifically to rank well with search engines.  Humans should find the structure intuitive. After that every else flows.

Make sure you don’t opt for a cheap web design and find that you are lost in page 8 of Google!

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