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how to create engaging blog content

How to Create Engaging Content for Your Blog Readers

December 2, 2013 Published by ,

Having a blog is great for a lot of reasons: For keeping  your website fresh For search engine optimisation For... Read more

best places to advertise online

Best Free Places to Advertise Your Small Business

November 24, 2013 Published by ,

As a new business one of the biggest challenges is actually getting people to know about you. You may have... Read more

how can i write a good blog

How Do I Write A Good Blog?

November 8, 2013 Published by ,

If you are new to blogging then the whole concept of writing a blog can be unnerving. Having a blog... Read more

google analytics valuable tool

The Value of Google Analytics for Small Businesses

October 30, 2013 Published by ,

Do you have Google Analytics installed on your website? As a small business owner who relies on customers via their website,... Read more

how to unlock your businesses potential

Unlock Your Businesses True Potential

October 21, 2013 Published by ,

Many small businesses are sitting on potential goldmines but don’t know it. A brave statement, but for some it may... Read more

what do google updates mean

What Effect Do Google Updates Have on Me As A Small Business Owner

October 2, 2013 Published by ,

If you know a little about search engine optimisation, you will probably have heard of Google Penguin and Panda updates. These are updates... Read more

why do some small businesses fail

Why Do Small Businesses Fail?

September 24, 2013 Published by ,

The statistics are sad. 1 in 3 businesses fail in the first three years. After all the investment in cash,... Read more

do i need a blog for my website

Does My Website Need a Blog?

September 16, 2013 Published by ,

When building websites for clients I often ask them – do you require a blog? Usually the answer is “I... Read more

How Much Should A Website Cost?

September 5, 2013 Published by ,

If you are a new business, you are probably thinking of getting a website. Start-up costs should include getting a website... Read more

what makes a good web design

What Makes A Good Web Design?

September 2, 2013 Published by ,

What makes a good website? With so many good content management systems (CMS) around, creating a website has never been... Read more